Antiques in a Modern Interior

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People seem to be a bit concerned these days about placing proper Antiques into a modern setting. Given that more of us are living in modern settings I just wanted to show how pretty this scene is. The beauty of the modern art with the commode and gilded chair, and the pink throw that ties it all together. Simple, understated and modern.

CLUSTER by Canvas & Co

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Recently our good friend Jessica from Canvas & Co released an email of great inspiration to us about “Clusters” or groups of smaller decorative items, beautifully displayed on your wall. Jessica happens to be quite handy at putting together an amazing cluster and I thought I would pass her idea on to you all with some images of her inspirations and of items from us here at Capocchi, that could be used in such a display.

As you can see, a vignette can be made of any thing, smaller artworks, plates and sculptures, the combination is only limited by your own imagination. At Capocchi, we have smaller sun burst mirrors, vintage enamel signs, skulls and taxidermy, and various sculptures.

For more information contact Jessica on 0400 667 213 or on

Antique Speak

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Sometimes there are words that antique dealers use that can be quite confusing if you are not familiar with them. Below is a list that may help those of you who need some help!

Seminaire otherwise spelt as Semainier. The French word for a tall, narrow chest with typically six or seven drawers, intended to provide a drawer for fresh personal linen for each day of the week. A tall chest of drawers, or tall boy as the English would have called them.

A Bureau Plat in French, is a writing table or desk that has four legs, and drawers directly under the surface for writing implements. Versions such as these in beautiful timbers and with stunning gilt bronze mounts were typically used by gentlemen in personal libraries. A smaller ladies desk is called a Bureau de Dame, they were typically more narrow, with a drop down lid that revealed shelves for papers.

A French chair called a Bergere, is an enclosed lounge chair with upholstered sides, back and armrests. The wooden framing is typically carved, sometimes, gilded and painted. Bergeres usually have a loose but tailored cushion, to make them more comfortable. 


Keeping Up with Social Media

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In an attempt not to act quite so much like an antique store we are keeping up with social media!

We now have a Facebook account that you can access here

Via this account we will post casual photos of vignettes around the store and of particular items for sale, don’t forget to like us!

We also have a Pinterest account

This account focuses on decoration with antiques and vintage pieces. After spending a few hours browsing on the site myself, I became very inspired, there are so many photos of gorgeous interiors, some using pieces that can be found in our own shop. It’s nice to see how items can be used in situ, which is why I think Pinterest is such a great site.

Also, in addition to our newsletter we have decided to send out a weekly email every Friday when our new stock comes in. A lot of people frequently ask when we get new things in and are surprised to hear that it’s weekly. Every Friday we have at least three new pieces of stock come into the showroom, so this email intends to keep everyone updated with what comes in. To ensure that you receive this email please go to our home page and enter your name and email address on the Newsletter tab.



Travels Around France

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Steve and I had a marvellous time filling the latest container around France. We drove all over the country side and spent some time in the big cities. We became rather focused on modern so there will be some really interesting and unique pieces.

Our suppliers down South had some interesting items on offer. We found some great small decorations, sculptural pieces, Italian glass vases and a few really lovely café and outdoor tables.

Up in the North we had a hot time in Paris during a rare heat wave. Yet managed to source a stunning Willi Rizzo black buffet, a pair of high back wicker conservatory chairs, and a lovely set of Beton toadstools.


The pieces should take about three months to arrive. Till then our store is currently being updated with some gorgeous things from Phil’s container that he sourced earlier this year.









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Carved Chinese Seated Lohan Monk

Stylish 1960s Tapestry of a Zebra

We are proud to announce our inclusion in a group of twenty Australian antique dealers who have been asked to become  a part of the exclusive 1stdibs website. For those of you who haven’t heard about 1stdibs, it is a luxury online website, dedicated to bringing premium and unique pieces to the buyer, from dealers all over the globe.

1stdibs started out primarily as a tool for American interior designers and to this day it remains a treasured form of sourcing for decorators and dealers alike, yet it is also becoming a site for the buying public out there sourcing their own one off pieces. The items on 1stdibs are vetted through a strict editing team and pieces are guaranteed. Buyers are able to securely purchase through the site with the confidence.

To see our storefront click on this link

Once in our storefront you can see the pieces we have listed and don’t forget to make us your favourite seller, it’s like selecting ‘like’ on Facebook. Once you do, you will receive alerts to our newly listed pieces, and have, quite literally ’1stdibs’ on that item.




Goodbye Woodend

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Our store in Woodend has now closed; after a successful closing sale over the last month. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there and made some fantastic new friends along the way. Some of our pieces have made it into some gorgeous local homes and some pieces have found their way into new homes interstate and state wide.

The stock that remains has been absorbed into the Capocchi website and will make its way into our Armadale showroom over the next month or so.

Time for outdoor living

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With January and February typically having nicer weather than December it’s finally time for some outdoor entertaining. We know this as a result of selling just so many outdoor pieces at the moment! Here are some shots of pieces still in store.

There is so much available out there lacking quality and individuality. Our pieces are well priced and offer a wonderful alternative to what you may find in your typical garden/outdoor store.


Spring Has Sprung

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It so very easy to get stuck in winter and the hibernating desire it creates! However we have recently listed a few piece from our latest container that should you get inspired to get out of doors and entertaining.

French Majolica has such a personality. The pieces are bright and textural and add an individuality to any table.


Pieces in Situ

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Recently we have had  a beautifully carved Anglo Burmese teak console come into the showroom. It dates from the 1870s and is quite a heavy, dominating piece. However recently browsing around the internet I found one on a design website in situ, and it really shows how when placed into a bright space with more modern accessories, how fantastic it looks. So often I think its easy to be intimidated by strong pieces like this so I thought this photo would put us all at ease! Thanks to Mrs.Howards Personal Shopper website for the image.